How long has Pudsey AFC been going?
We are not entirely sure of this but it is believed that Pudsey Juniors was started by a school teacher from Waterloo Junior School in the 1960’s, probably 1967, hence Pudsey Juniors celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2012. See more on the History page.
What are the club colours?

We have always, as far back as can be known, played in Green and White, adopting the “Celtic Hoops” of Celtic Football Club.

More recently the club decided to modernise it’s kit by changing from the Hoops to a solid colour of shirt, but still wanted to maintain our heritage and so still play in Green and White.

Does the club have a development plan?
Yes, the club has a development plan which has been under way for a couple of years now.

View the Development Plan here »


How does my child join a team?

If you know which age group your son / daughter should be playing in then make direct contact with the relevant team manager. The signing on form is available on our documents page.

If you are not sure what age group your son / daughter is eligible to play for, then simply fill out the contact form with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s date of birth

The relevant manager will then respond in due course.

How much does it cost?

Footy Tots (3-5 year olds + Under 6s)  membership costs £50 per season.

Junior membership is £145 per season which can be paid in instalments.

For this you will be provided with coaching facilities, games and equipment.

Although ALL our Managers / Coaches hold the FA Level 1 coaching badge as a minimum some teams use professional coaches, usually qualified as UEFA B as a minimum and extra training costs may apply. Please check with the individual team manager.

Does the ability of my child matter?

Pudsey Juniors will not discriminate on ability, we are an inclusive club and we are sure they is a team to suit your child’s ability.

Can I volunteer?

We are always interested in hearing from people who wish to volunteer, whatever the capacity. We have a number of areas that you could get involved:

  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Administration
  • Media and web
  • Officers of the club
  • Development

Opportunities abound, we just need your time and enthusiasm.

New Managers

Who provides funds and what does it cover?

Pudsey Juniors will provide the equipment to get you up and running:

  • A pitch
  • Goals / Nets
  • Balls
  • Medical kit
  • Cones

You need to be able to have enough funds for the day to day running costs of your team. This includes:

  • Referees fees (if you need to pay them)
  • Professional coaching sessions
Who sponsors the kit?

Each team is expected have their kit sponsored, usually at a cost of about £500. For this the sponsor can have their name / logo on the front of the shirt. Also if they wish they can have their name / logo added on the website.

Where do I get equipment from?

Each year, usually prior to the next season, our Quartermaster will ask for your “wish list” of equipment. As this states it’s a wish list and we cannot promise all equipment will be provided as we have to make sure that our budgets are adhered to.

How can I fundraise?

You can fund raise in any way you like:

  • Tuck Shop – at each match sell tea / coffee / sweets to your team and the opposition team. There’s nothing like a warm cuppa on a cold Sunday morning whilst watching football.
  • Bag Packs – Contact your local supermarket and ask if you can “do a bag pack”, which involves the kids packing shoppers bags at the checkout in return for a small donation.
  • Football Cards – Purchase football cards and take them round at the game.
  • Raffle – Raffle a bottle of something for parents or other items on a game day.

There are lots and lots of other ways to fund raise… good luck!